We look forward to sharing our wedding day with you.
Here you’ll find all the details for the weekend.
Let’s take a look back at how our journey to this day began:



"Best Dressed" in Sixth Grade.


September, 2007

Our first date and first picture together.

September, 2007

Homecoming photo, and our first dance.

November, 2007

Counselors Dressed up for Project Trust Camp

November, 2007

Attending an Ohio State Game


May, 2008

Reversing the roles for the big Powder Puff Game.

May, 2008

Walking down the carpet for Sr. Prom. Lauren was crowned Queen.

June, 2008

After Graduation, posing in our caps and gowns

June, 2008

Showing off our custom T-Shirts at Brice's Graduation Party.


May, 2009

This photo is evidence that two people can indeed ride a single Segway

October, 2009

Dressed up for Halloween Parties.

November, 2009

Outside of a real flight simulator. We flew around the world and Lauren stuck a great landing in Vegas.

December, 2009

Celebrating at a New Years party.


October, 2010

Dressed up for another Halloween Season.


December, 2011

Flying around with Dumbo before I proposed to Lauren that evening.


March, 2012

Our last Spring Break. Enjoying the beautiful sunset on Captiva Beach.

June, 2012

Lauren's Graduation day. Go Bucks!

June, 2012

Taking in the sites of New York, between Wedding Dress boutiques.

July, 2012

Posing in front of our new home in Ocala, Fl.

December, 2012

Our first Christmas Card photo with the whole family (Claire and Brooks)




For your convenience, we have reserved a block of rooms at the Hilton and Hampton Inn. Rooms will be held until June 5 - please make your reservations before this date.